Audience Award - 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

“The narrative award was given to Patrick O’Brien‘s TransFatty Lives, which documents O’Brien as TransFatty, the onetime NYC deejay and Internet meme-making superstar. In 2005, O’Brien began to document his life after being diagnosed with ALS and given only two to five years to live.”

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Audience Award - Milano Film Festival

“O’Brien chooses the path of total and unfiltered immersion: showing us in every sequence that he is the arbitrary creator of what we are seeing, and with an irreverent and provocative sense of humour, he puts us at our ease, despite the ‘uncomfortable’ position.”

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Audience Award - American Film Festival

"O'Brien is "honored and humbled" to have received this year's AFF Audience Award, and though he was unable to join us in Wroclaw to celebrate his award, he has personably reached out to express "how thrilled I am that #transfattylives has earned the respect of the Polish people."

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